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    Car hire Alicante information

    Alicante is a city on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea which is called Costa Blanca.

    Car for hire in Alicante gets you moving

    Use the services like car for rent in Alicante on your arrival at the Alicante airport, just a few clicks outside the city. Alicante is a history rich city and the surrounding beaches are most popular. You will find what you are looking for; just relax, have a walk in the fine and clean sand or do some water sport activities in the clear waters. The town and the inland is sure not less attractive and offers many great spots for a day journey. You will have a fantastic and diverse holiday in this exquisite region.

    Explore the city

    Rent a car in Alicante and head for a splendid day of sun, sand and water. There is such a variety of beaches to be visited, from the busiest to the most quiet and remote. In the late afternoon check out the small old center of the city, perfect to explore by foot. There are museums of art with paintings of Dali, Picasso etc. and museums of archeology such as the fantastic museum Maro. Visit fine art galleries and the many historical places such as the Santa Bárbara castle, the beautiful San Nicholás cathedral, fine churches and don’t forget the Avenida del Teatro theatre with its large Roman style columns. While walking through the old center, the shopaholics will love the outstanding varieties of shops and their display. After an exquisite Spanish dinner with great wine visit the Old Quarters, also called Barrio Santa Cruz, a great place to experience the city at night.

    Tour the inland

    A holiday is 1st for recharging the batteries and 2nd for exploring the places. But since you have chosen this excellent Spanish province for your vacation you should find at least some time to visit the surrounding area, therefore hire a car in Alicante and tour the fantastic surroundings. There are actually tree main directions, either on the coastline of the Costa Blanca or south over Santa Pola to Rorrevieja. Drive on the Costa Blanca north to Benidorm, a tourist Mecca for beach and nightlife with two theme parks and one water park which are surely a great fun places for the kids and older ones, then further till the romantic village of Calpe till to Mraira. Head Inland to the beautiful city of Elche with its famous dates- and palm trees. There are as well some mountain villages nearby which are surely worth the trip as the charming Alcoy with its five different rivers and Serra de Mariola and Benialí, just to name a few.

    With a car rental in Alicante your vacation will be a full success

    Those samples are just crumbles of the whole cake, it will be an unforgettable holiday either focused more on the beach life or the inland region. The benefits of having a rental car ensure that you can travel in comfort, safety and at your own convenience. With your rental car you have the flexibility of visiting places not within the city and but just a short drive out, which means you get more value for your money.