Are there last minute offers?

Yes. However the last minute deals are mainly for special offers. Generally in the car rental industry, the closer to the time of pick-up, the higher the price. Therefore we always advise to book far in advance.

To secure a low price rental, especially during the high-season (June-August), the rule is: the sooner, the better.

Why do I need the booking number or a voucher?

Depending on the provider, you will get either a booking number or a voucher. You need these to be able to pick up the vehicle that has been booked for you.

What is the reference number?

The reference number is your order number with carhiremarket.com (starts with CM...). This number serves to assist communication with our service team and your individual booking.

Please note, this is not the reservation number of the car rental supplier.

What should I do if I cannot find the vehicle I require on carhiremarket.com?

It can sometimes happen that not all available cars are being shown. If you have specific requirements, it will be worth your while to contact our customer service team to find out if we have your required car available or not.

Why has the price of my offer change since my last search on carhiremarket.com?

The prices shown on carhiremarket.com are dynamic and change immediately when the supplier raises or lowers their price. We can therefore not guarantee any of the offer prices that you have found on carhiremarket.com if you return at a later date.

What type of tank regulations are there?

In most cases the fuel policies you find on carhiremarket.com are full-to-full, meaning you receive the car with full tank of fuel and you will need to return it with a full tank of fuel. Some car rental companies (especially in the United States and Southern Europe) have a full-to-empty fuel policy. For this requirement you receive the car with a full tank but you need to return it empty as you will not be refunded for the extra petrol left in the tank. The fuel policy can be found either on the website or in the terms and conditions of the supplier.

Are winter tyres and snow chains included if they are mandatory?

Unfortunately not, the two must be booked as additional extras. To ensure these options are available, please make sure to book at least one week before collection of your car hire

Do I always receive winter tires and snow chains for my rental car if I requested it?

Winter tires and snow chains are extras and should be booked at the time of the car rental booking. Although most stations in will have it in stock, it can happen that due to a sudden increase in demand they run out of stock. Please note that if you have ordered these extras, you will be charged for it at the time of pick-up.

What do the vehicle group codes stand for?

Every car hire firm has its own code for the vehicle groups. However most do try to follow a standard format known as ACRISS.

The first letter stands for the vehicle category:

  • M = mini
  • E = economy
  • C = compact
  • I = lower mid-range
  • S = mid-range
  • F = upper mid-range
  • P = luxury
  • L = top luxury
  • X = special cars

The second letter stands for the vehicle type:

  • B = 2 door
  • C = 3 door
  • D = 4 door
  • W = estate
  • V = van/minibus
  • L = saloon
  • S = sport
  • T = cabriolet
  • F = 4x4
  • P = pickup
  • J = off-road
  • X = special (refers to a special feature that is guaranteed to be in or on the vehicle)

The third letter stands for the type of transmission:

  • A = automatic
  • M = manual gearbox

The fourth letter stands for the equipment level item, climate control:

  • M = without climate control
  • R = with climate control

An example you may see could be this: EDMR

  • E = economy
  • D = 4-door
  • M = manual gearbox
  • R = with climate control

For further car hire codes (e.g. insurances and items) please click on the link below car hire abbreviations

Can I hire a car even though I am disabled?

If you would like to book a car that is suitable for a disabled driver, please contact us directly.

We can also be reached via the e-mail: info@carhiremarket.com.

Our office hours are:
08:00 – 18:00 (Mon-Fri)
09:00 – 17:00 (Sat)
Closed on bank holidays and Sundays

We will do our best to try and find a suitable hire car for you.

How can I get in touch with carhiremarket.com?

You can contact our service team regarding any question before, during or after your booking.

What is the number to call if i have a complaint or grievance?

Carhiremarket.com is not your car hire provider, we work as intermediaries between you and the rental company. For this reason, customer satisfaction is our priority. If you have any complaints, please contact our call centre through

What is an after-hours fee?

The after-hours fee is payable to some car rental companies if you want to pick up your car outside normal opening times. It covers the additional costs such as staff cost and are payble mostly on arrival.

What is an upgrade?

If you get an upgrade, it means that you will receive a car in the next car category. It will either be a bigger vehicle or a vehicle of the same size but more extras such as air conditioning or more doors.