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    Car hire Faro information

    Faro is a city in Portugal that is located in the southernmost part of the country. It is the capital of Algarve Region and together with other municipalities like Lagos, Albufeira, Olhao, Tavira, and Aljezur, it forms the district of Faro. It has a population of more or less 70,000 inhabitants. It is worth noting that the Algarve Region with its capital Faro, is considered one of the most historical regions in Portugal. Hence, you can expect to find a lot of historical and cultural sites to enjoy in this lovely city.

    Book a Car for Rent in Faro and Explore Portugal

    Portugal and Spain are two European countries that share a common history. You cannot study the history of Spain without learning about Portugal and vice versa. Despite their proximity to each other, these two countries have a lot of differences. If you are going on a vacation to Spain, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Portugal. Just like other European countries, Portugal has several regions, each with their own unique characteristics. Faro is a city in the Algarve region, known for its long history and colorful culture. Book a car rental in Faro and get ready for a wonderful vacation.

    Explore The City

    As the administrative center of the region, Faro is home to several establishments and businesses that would provide you with your needs. Book a car for hire in Faro and explore the city. Familiarize yourself with its streets so that you’ll know where to go when you need to. Faro is also home to several attractions such as the old church, the civil government building, the old hospital, the City Hall and the Carmo Church. These buildings, together with Faro’s peaceful and quaint ambiance, would give you the feeling of going back in time. You’ll surely have a relaxing time in Faro.

    Visit the City of Lagos

    Lagos is the historical capital of the Algarve region, and is located near Faro. Hire a car in Faro and go on an educational trip to Lagos. It is home to several attractions such as the Menhir of Cabeço do Rochedo, the Cultural Center of Lagos, the Fonte Coberta Dam, the Regional Museum of Lagos, the Fort of Ponta da Bandeira, and the Church of Santo Antonio, among others. While you’re in the city, you should also try some Portuguese dishes from the best local restaurants in Lagos. The best part of the trip is that you can always go back to Faro for a peaceful night.

    Rent a Car in Faro and Have a Blast

    Going on a vacation should always be refreshing and relaxing. A vacation in Faro would surely give you the rest that you’ve been looking for. Plus you can always go on a trip to other Portuguese and Spanish city for more fun and excitement.

    Faro Airport Location, Terminals and Road Connections

    Faro Airport is located 2.5 miles west of the city. The one terminal it has gets very busy during the summer, as tourists pour in from all parts of Europe. Being the only international airport on the Algrave Coast, it is widely used by visitors heading to all the coastal tourist resorts. The airport is located near the A22 highway that leads to Spain and Lisbon.

    Traffic Rules Portugal


    In towns50 km/h
    On motorways120 km/h (beginners: 90 km/h)
    On highways90 or 100 km/h
    Right-hand driving/left-hand drivingRight-hand traffic
    Alcohol50 mg/100 mL
    Seat belt mandatoryyes
    Child Safety SeatChild seat required up to age 12 or 150 cm.
    Toll feesThere are usage fees for most motorways.
    Obligations to carryWarning triangle, first aid kit and safety vest required.
    Mobile phoneOnly hands-free telephones may be used.
    Right of WayPriority to the right; car has priority over bicycle
    RoundaboutCars in the roundabout have the right of way.
    Specific rules of the counryBeginners (first year) must display a sticker to this effect on the vehicle.


    Driver´s license

    A UK driving licence is valid.

    Minimum age

    The minimum and maximum age varies between car hire agencies and also between vehicle classes. The minimum age is normally between 21 and 25 and the driving license must be 1 to 2 years old. At some car hire agencies drivers below a fixed age limit must pay an additional fee.

    Details are available in the hiring terms of the car hire agency. (In point 3 – Entering data and payment – under General Terms and Conditions)

    Fuel Information

    There are two options:

    1. The tank is full when accepted and returned with a full tank. There is a charge for the petrol required to fill the tank.
    2. The tank is full when accepted and paid for. The vehicle is then returned with an empty tank. Any remaining petrol will not be reimbursed.

    You can find the applicable tanking option in the details of the results list. We have no influence over the tanking option.

    This content is for informational purpose only and does not guarantee accuracy or completeness.