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    Car hire Funchal, Madeira information

    Funchal is a city in Portugal. It is the capital of the region of Madeira, and is surrounded by other municipalities such as Calheta, Machico, Santana, Porto Moniz, and Camara de Lobos. As the regional capital, Funchal is also the economic and cultural center of Madeira. The city is known as a tourist destination due to its attractions and its beautiful landscape and cityscape. It has a population of less than 120,000 people.

    Hire a Car in Funchal and Plan Your Vacation

    Europe is a diverse region that one should visit and explore. It is home to different countries, each with their own unique charm. Portugal is a country in Europe, and despite being less popular than its neighbors, it is just as beautiful and interesting. It is also composed of different regions. One of the cities that you should visit in Portugal is Funchal, the capital of the Madeira region. Located near the sea, it is home to beautiful beaches and a wonderful cityscape. Book a car rental in Funchal and prepare for your vacation.

    Sights and Attractions in Funchal

    Funchal is a popular tourist destination in the region, and is home to several attractions. Book a car for hire in Funchal and explore the city. Visit popular destinations such as Curral das Freiras, Santana, Porto Moniz, and Ribeira Brava. Enjoy the wonders of nature in Laurisilva Forest, which is listed as a UNESCO Natural Site. If you are looking for a good time on the beach, then you should visit the island of Porto Santo. You can also visit some of the suburbs of Funchal, like Monte, Santa Luzia, Sao Pedro, Sao Roque, and Se.

    Have a Gastronomic Adventure in Funchal

    The region of Madeira is known for its gastronomic delicacies, and it would be great if you can sample some of these dishes while on vacation in Funchal. Book a car for rent in Funchal and go on a food trip. Whether you like fish, meat, vegetables, dessert, or wine, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for in Funchal. Some of Madeira’s signature dishes are espada (black scabbard fish) served with banana, bacalhau, espetada, carne de Vinha d’Alhos, Bolo de Mel, malasada, Madeira wine, Coral (a beer made in Madeira brewery), and laranjada, an orange flavored soda. You’ll surely have a wonderful and exciting trip in Funchal.

    Rent a Car in Funchal and Be Happy

    You’ll surely love your vacation in Funchal, with all its sights, sounds, and food. Take a break and relax as you enjoy the best that Funchal has to offer. If you haven’t been to Funchal, then you should put it in the list of places to visit on your next vacation.


    Funchal has an international airport which is known as the Funchal Madeira airport. It controls international as well as national air traffic on the Madeira Island. The airport was established on the 18th of July in the year 1964. There are car hire Funchal airport facilities available at highly discounted rates. Our website also provides you the option to hire car Funchal airport with online booking.

    Traffic Rules Portugal


    In towns50 km/h
    On motorways120 km/h (beginners: 90 km/h)
    On highways90 or 100 km/h
    Right-hand driving/left-hand drivingRight-hand traffic
    Alcohol50 mg/100 mL
    Seat belt mandatoryyes
    Child Safety SeatChild seat required up to age 12 or 150 cm.
    Toll feesThere are usage fees for most motorways.
    Obligations to carryWarning triangle, first aid kit and safety vest required.
    Mobile phoneOnly hands-free telephones may be used.
    Right of WayPriority to the right; car has priority over bicycle
    RoundaboutCars in the roundabout have the right of way.
    Specific rules of the counryBeginners (first year) must display a sticker to this effect on the vehicle.


    Driver´s license

    A UK driving licence is valid.

    Minimum age

    The minimum and maximum age varies between car hire agencies and also between vehicle classes. The minimum age is normally between 21 and 25 and the driving license must be 1 to 2 years old. At some car hire agencies drivers below a fixed age limit must pay an additional fee.

    Details are available in the hiring terms of the car hire agency. (In point 3 – Entering data and payment – under General Terms and Conditions)

    Fuel Information

    There are two options:

    1. The tank is full when accepted and returned with a full tank. There is a charge for the petrol required to fill the tank.
    2. The tank is full when accepted and paid for. The vehicle is then returned with an empty tank. Any remaining petrol will not be reimbursed.

    You can find the applicable tanking option in the details of the results list. We have no influence over the tanking option.

    This content is for informational purpose only and does not guarantee accuracy or completeness.