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    Car hire USA information

    No other country in the world offers you diversity and a plethora of tourist attractions like the United States of America. From its wide green plains to the snow capped Rocky Mountains, from its famous Sin City Las Vegas to the concrete jungle of New York City, you will find yourself surrounded by a great many things to do and places of interest to visit. If you are planning your trip to the United States, you should rent a car in USA through our website online. This will save you a lot of time during your vacation. A quality car for hire will allow you to travel to many cities in the country - car hire USA.

    Get a car for hire in USA and Visit Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Among the many places to visit, you should choose the city of Memphis, which houses Graceland, the mansion used by the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Since 1982 it has been made into a tourist attraction and it draws hundreds of tourists each year. Elvis Presley is buried here and many of his diehard fans come to this mansion annually to pay homage to their favourite star. You will also find Graceland Museum where you will step on the same places where Elvis did. And from the audio commentary, you can learn a lot about the King that you may not have heard before. Among other attractions at the Mansion you can also find an Elvis car collection and also a replica of his jet.

    Visit the city of lights, New York City

    No trip to the United States will be complete without a visit to the city that has become one of the most well-known cities in the world. New York City offers visitors some of the landmark sights and attractions that include the Statue Of Liberty, Broadway shows, Brooklyn Bridge. ou can get a rental car in USA and take a self-guided tour of the city by getting tourist booklets from the NYC & Company. Convention and Visitors Bureau talso issues tourist passes that will include tickets to most of the important attractions in the city.

    Las Vegas

    A city that needs no introduction, Las Vegas brings out the images of neon lights and the casinos that have garnered international fame. The Las Vegas strip draws millions of tourists each year. It houses some of the biggest casinos in the country and the world that include the Ceaser, The Bellagio and the Mirage. You can also find a plethora of luxurious hotels at the City Center X, where you can stay when you arrive in the city.

    Availability of renting a car in the USA

    When you come to the United States you will find that the routes of the local public transportation are difficult to figure out. You will need some time to familiarize yourself with them. Plus the fares will strain your vacation budget. But you can change all this by contacting a car rental in USA and hiring a car. This way you can travel at will and enjoy trips to the great states and cities which the US has to offer.

    Traffic Rules USA


    In towns15 - 35 mph
    On motorways55 - 75 mph
    Right-hand driving/left-hand drivingRight-hand traffic
    Alcohol0.0 mg/100 mL in most states
    Seat belt mandatoryyes
    Child Safety SeatRules vary among the states.
    Toll feesThere are usage fees for some highways and bridges.
    Mobile phoneOnly hands-free telephones may be used.
    Right of WayFirst come, first serve at junctions with stop signs.
    Specific rules of the country
    • School busses with warning lights may not be overtaken, even from oncoming traffic.
    • Free right turn on red (except New York City).
    • If stopped by the police, roll down your window, place hands on the steering wheel and await instructions.
    • No open alcohol is allowed in the passenger compartment!
    • In some states smoking is not allowed in the car, if children or adolescents are present.
    Specific parking regulations
    • Red line: no stopping
    • Blue line handicapped parking
    • Green line: 10-minute parking
    • White line: for loading and unloading
    • Yellow line: for trucks.


    Driver's license

    A UK driving licence is valid.

    Minimum age

    The minimum and maximum age varies between car hire agencies and also between vehicle classes. The minimum age is normally between 21 and 25 and the driving license must be 1 to 2 years old.
    At some car hire agencies drivers below a fixed age limit must pay an additional fee.

    Details are available in the hiring terms of the car hire agency. (In point 3 – Entering data and payment – under General Terms and Conditions)

    Fuel Information

    There are two options:

    1. The tank is full when accepted and returned with a full tank. There is a charge for the petrol required to fill the tank.
    2. The tank is full when accepted and paid for. The vehicle is then returned with an empty tank. Any remaining petrol will not be reimbursed.

    You can find the applicable tanking option in the details of the results list. We have no influence over the tanking option.


    The legal amount of cover is very low. It is therefore recommended to check the amount of cover offered and buy supplemental insurance if necessary.

    This content is for informational purpose only and does not guarantee accuracy or completeness.