When will you need the car?

    Car hire Dublin information

    Dublin is the largest and the capital city of the island country of Ireland. Being the capital city of the country, it is the centre of a large number of industries including tourism. Featuring many attractions, Dublin attracts a large number of tourists from other countries as well. Getting a car for rent in Dublin and heading to the nearby cities like Swords, Malahide, and several others will also be a great idea.

    Rent a car in Dublin and explore the huge city

    Dublin is the largest city of the country and a city of this size certainly requires a car if one wishes to explore it comfortably. You will find many car renting agencies in the city, providing you with efficient cars enabling you to enjoy your trip throughout the city. Enjoy the flexibility that a car brings and make any changes in your itinerary and schedule. A car is also the safest mode of transportation which will allow you to enjoy a hassle-free exploration experience. Take a car for hire in Dublin through our website and explore the city conveniently.

    Places that you must explore

    A must visit place in the city is the Dublin Castle. The castle was used by the British as a fortified seat when they ruled the country. Now featuring a spectacular architecture, the castle is a must-visit place. You must also pay a visit to the Christ Church Cathedral, which is known for being the oldest building of the church. The church features catacombs which are even older than the church. These catacombs feature spectacular carvings throughout. You must also include the National Museum of Ireland in your itinerary as you will find everything related to ancient Ireland here. Exhibits include archaeological findings as well as art works and historical depictions.

    Things to do here

    Dublin is home to the largest enclosed park of the continent, the Phoenix Park. This park is home to a zoo and a polo field. You may also get to see a wild fallow deer who find shelter at the park. Head to the Merrion Square, where you will find a beautiful statue of Oscar Wilde as well as two marble pieces covered in Oscar Wilde quotes. You can also hire a car in Dublin and head to the nearby city of Ashbourne.

    Find a car rental in Dublin and extend your trip further

    There are a number of beautiful Irish cities located near Dublin. These are also must-visit cities and are easily accessible by road. Examples of such cities are Celbridge and Dunboyne.

    Dublin Airport Terminals and Transportation

    Dublin Airport (DUB) is located near the town of Swords, about 6.2 miles north of the city. Both Aer Lingus and Ryanair are based at DUB. The airport gets almost 19 million passengers every year, with two terminals to handle the massive flood of people passing through every day. The long-haul flights, including all those arriving from or departing to the USA, are now operating out of Terminal 2. There is no rail link from the airport to the city at present, so the only option for visitors is to hit the road. This means a 20 minute drive on the N1 or M50 by bus, coach, taxi or a rented car.

    Traffic Rules Ireland


    In towns50 km/h
    On motorways120 km/h
    On expressways100 km/h
    On highways80 km/h
    Right-hand driving/left-hand drivingLeft-hand traffic, pass on the right
    Alcohol80 mg/100 mL
    Seat belt mandatoryyes
    Child Safety SeatChild seat required up to age 12 or 150 cm.
    Toll feesThere are usage fees for some motorways.
    Obligations to carryWarning triangle and first aid kit are required.
    Mobile phoneOnly hands-free telephones may be used.
    Right of WayPriority to the right; Give Way, Stop or Yield sign indicates that you must yield.
    RoundaboutCars in the roundabout have the right of way.
    Specific rules of the counryIf travelling in your own car the light must be adjusted to left-hand traffic.
    Specific parking regulationsDouble yellow line at side of road: no parking; single yellow line at side of road: no stopping


    Driver´s license

    A UK driving licence is valid.

    Minimum age

    The minimum and maximum age varies between car hire agencies and also between vehicle classes. The minimum age is normally between 21 and 25 and the driving license must be 1 to 2 years old. At some car hire agencies drivers below a fixed age limit must pay an additional fee.

    Details are available in the hiring terms of the car hire agency. (In point 3 – Entering data and payment – under General Terms and Conditions)

    Fuel Information

    There are two options:

    1. The tank is full when accepted and returned with a full tank. There is a charge for the petrol required to fill the tank.
    2. The tank is full when accepted and paid for. The vehicle is then returned with an empty tank. Any remaining petrol will not be reimbursed.

    You can find the applicable tanking option in the details of the results list. We have no influence over the tanking option.

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